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You will live an adrenaline-filled experience that was previously only reserved for trainers.

You will receive a personalized introduction to each dolphin that will swim with you. There will be two! You will learn under the guidance of our trainers how to perform the famous Footpush or Superman, where the dolphins will push you at full speed across the surface of the water.

Are you ready for more? You will enjoy the incredible experience of doing a dorsal ride with both dolphins; You will be able to admire how the dolphins jump over you, just as you had only seen it in the shows.

1 hours

  • Este programa incluye 60 minutos de tiempo de agua con los delfines.
  • Este programa está diseñado para un máximo de 10 personas por grupo.
  • Habrá dos delfines por grupo.
  • Este programa está diseñado para el nadador de un nivel intermedio en adelante.
  • No se permiten personas embarazadas.

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